About Us


Im Renee, #bossmama of 2 beautiful children and 2 fashion boutique stores. I'm a huge marvel fan, I hate watching new tv shows and prefer to watch re-runs of my fav shows and I have a weird fear of whales (dont ask me why, but they scare the hell out of me). I do however love Footwear and bringing the latest freshest product to our customers.

Boardwalk was created in 2018 to bring a one hell of a footwear range together with affordable and practical fashion and quality handbags. I like to think we have a little bit for everyone and always try our very best to source what you are looking for.

I brought my mumma, Jenny, along for the ride and she helps me with everything related to the stores. Plus 2 wonderful women named Angela and Peggy Ann who have hearts of gold and work across both stores. 

We offer the honest to goodness customer service that's getting harder to find. We really do appreciate our wonderful customers and love welcoming new friendly faces to the BB community.

If you have any questions at all, contact me directly at