January Check In


Tonight I'm just writing to you guys, instead of chatting to the camera. I'm having trouble with my confidence at the moment so I figured if you like watching the videos, you may have a little read through instead. 

Of late I've been off. Before Christmas I took a bit of a personal hit that shook me up a little when it comes to one of our stores, and then of course the dreaded C still has us all rattled. The people pleaser in me has had a hard time, and the Anxious Annie in me is in flight mode. So basically I've retreated from everything. I haven't used Social Media and no longer watch the news. AT ALL. Its way to overwhelming for me. I'm sure there are some of you that can relate to feeling this way?? I have noticed a huge shift in my positivity since making these changes, so ill just keep up what I'm doing. 

My baby girl Zoe is about to start Primary School! I'm so proud of her because she is so ready for it, but I'm also totally guttered that I now have a school aged child and my baby wont be around as much now she is at school 5 days a week. I'll just cling onto the 3yr old for a little longer haha. 

Mum celebrated her 60th Birthday a couple of weeks ago :) 

This month saw the pesky borders at Coolangatta/Tweed disappear which is making life so much easier for locals. Its been wonderful welcoming back all the Tweed residents again who didn't want to bother with the border drama. Some of them, we literally hadn't seen in almost 2 years. Also tourists appear to be feeling a little more confident travelling again, obviously taking precautions for their families though. 

Murwillumbah has been ticking along slowly. A town with such a large elderly community is kind of hibernating with Covid cases around, so we hope to see everyone back out and again when they are feeling comfortable to do so. We have had lots of lovely feedback about the new location now we are settling in to it. If you haven't already, drop in and say hi. 

I really hope you are all staying healthy and looking after your minds the best you can given the circumstances. I look forward to seeing you and chatting instore next time you're around. 

Renee xo

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  • Happy Birthday Jenny
    We met you years ago before the baby (schoolie was born )you are one amazing lady you make every one else feel great KEEP up the good work have not been able to get out but after next dr may be up and running when Bill goes to eye dr we need you positive spirit xxShirley

    shirley cowley

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